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Explore chat Technology : What is chatter? 2024

In the modern era, chatting or chitchat can occur in person or online via SMS, MMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. On the internet, chat refers to simultaneous communication with other users.
Typically, this involves exchanging typed words on a chat site with a group of individuals from anywhere on the internet.

Different chat styles

Modern chat can take place in various methods outside in person contact as discussed above. Lets examine them now.

Explore chat Technology What is chatter 2024

Chat rooms

  • Online chat rooms have existed since the early days of the internet. Chat rooms were previously available on web services like AOL, which also featured instant messaging for private messaging between two users.
  • Users connect to the service, select a chat room from the list, then enter a screen name to identify themselves to other users.
  • Today, there are many online chat rooms for certain themes, interests or just chatting with pals.
  • Websites and bulletin board services can host group chats. Numerous websites exist specifically for talks.
  • First online conferencing system was created by David Wooley and Doug Brown in 1974.
  • It enabled multiple channels for communication between up to five people per channel. While typing a message, each character appeared on the screen of other users in real time. 
  • In 1980, CompuServe introduced the first public online chatting system, the CompuServe CB Simulator.
  • From mIRC to Yahoo! Messenger, Skype and other messaging apps on prominent mobile platforms, chat rooms have become essential for modern communication.

Collaboration/communication software

Slack and Google Chat offer chat sessions for distant teams to improve communication and cooperation.
These programmes provide real time online chat, video, audio, group chat rooms, file sharing and searchable history.
An example of a topic specific Slack chat.
Chats can be ongoing or scheduled for a specific time and duration. Chats typically cover a specific topic or project, with guest experts or celebrities participating and interacting with chatters.
Other platforms, like Zoom, provide voice and video chats between multiple parties. This software is mostly used by businesses to replace in person meetings.

Explore chat Technology What is chatter 2024

Smartphone chat apps

  1. Of course, conversing isnt limited to computers. Smartphones now provide dozens of apps for users to chat.
  2. Chat software like Slack includes mobile apps for smartphones and mobile devices. But  smart gadgets often include chat software designed for these devices.
  3. For example, WhatsApp is a talking programme accessible for iPhone and Android devices. This programme sends text, photographs, videos, user location and audio messages between smartphones via the internet.
  4. Additionally, it allows audio and video calls between users. A similar smartphone app is Facebook Messenger, used for messaging with friends on the platform·. You can chat privately or within the Messenger app and can have face to face conversations.
  5. FaceTime is a chatting function on Apple iOS devices. This app enables video chat between two persons using the devices front facing camera.
  6. Although it lacks group chat features, it provides a simple way to communicate with someone on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac.
  7. FaceTime allows users to conduct one on one and group video conferences via wireless or cellular networks.
Explore chat Technology What is chatter 2024


Chatbots differ from typical chat rooms and software. These computer programmes simulate human conversation using artificial intelligence (AI). Sometimes users communicate with chatbots without realising it.

An example of chatbot is.. when website asks visitors to enter their name, email address and other information to receive a newsletter or access material.

some organisations employ chatbots for customer assistance. For instance, Facebook Messenger users can interact with chatbots to inquire about products or services.

Usually chatbot begins as an A enabled interaction. then transfers the user to the right professional for assistance.

In current times, chatting can take various forms. Communicating effectively with others, whether nearby or across the globe is beneficial in both personal and professional settings.

For common online keyboard talking phrases, refer to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and BBS (bulletin board system).

Explore chat Technology What is chatter 2024

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